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Enhancing The Dog’s Immune System

Published on January 15, 2008 by in BARF

This week I have received some very sad news that our very best friend’s daughter has rectal cancer. She is 38 years young and now struggles to complete her treatments of radiation and chemotherapy. We all know that in the past to receive news like this was like receiving a death wish. She is fortunate to live in today’s medical environment when the progress in cancer research has improved her chances to survive. My training as a Pharmacist and my interest in Nutrition has lead me to further research regarding the destruction of the immune system. The Chemotherapy treatments are an effective way to shrink the tumor but the devastating affects on the surrounding tissues are disheartening.

I have suggested that the best advice I can give to our friend is to offer advice on how to rebuild the immune system. In my research I have found an ancient Chinese plant that acts as a popular immune stimulant.

Astragalus stimulates the immune system in many ways. The plant has a steroid-like molecule attached to one or more sugar groups. The compound structure is similar to ginseng.This herb is billed as an Oriental tonic and health promoting plant. It is being used to restore the immune system on cancer patients especially.It is used to strengthen the cellular immunity which has been severely compromised by the disease and /or by chemotherapy. I strongly believe that if we can rebuild the immune system of all animals as well as humans that have been immune compromised we will be successful in reversing many of the drastic results from steroidal, antibiotic, or chemical treatments. I believe that similar treatments will work for both species- humans as well as animals.

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