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Feeding Regimen For Our Dogs

When and how to feed our pets.

We get asked on a daily basis questions regarding when and how to feed a dog or cat. Evidently there is a lot of misguidance regarding this topic so I thought it might be worth discussing.

There are basically three different methods of feeding. Free choice, time-controlled, or portion-controlled feeding. With each method there are advantages and disadvantages.

Obviously a dry kibble would be the best choice for free feeding. Allowing a pet to consume whatever he/she wants opens the door for over consumption and obesity. This method relies upon the animals ability to self regulate food intake. Free feeding requires the least amount of work and knowledge for the owner.

Similar to a free choice feeding regimen, time-controlled feeding relies on the pet’s ability to regulate its daily energy intake. In this method the animal is exposed to food and allowed to eat for a predetermined amount of time. It is suggested that two meal feedings are preferred to eliminate hunger between meals. This can also eliminate begging and stealing food.

Portion controlled feeding is our feeding method of choice in most situations. This method allows the owner the greatest amount of control over the pet’s diet. The one or several meals are presented in a premeasured amount to meet the pet’s caloric requirement and nutrient needs. Providing this measured amount twice a day is again the preferred method. Portion -controlled feeding enables the owner to carefully monitor the pet’s food consumption and immediately observe any changes in food intake or eating behavior. The pet’s growth and weight can be strictly controlled with this method of feeding. The disadvantage of feeding this way is the time commitment and knowledge required on the part of the owner. We find that most of our raw feeding customers will be most satisfied using this method of feeding however, and they coordinate their meals with their own meals.

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