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Diarrhea in Dogs And Cats, How To Treat

Published on January 11, 2008 by in BARF

Treating Diarrhea

One of the most common ailments we hear about with dogs is diarrhea. The condition can result from a number of different things, from garbage, to parasites, to infectious agents such as parvovirus. Most causes of diarrhea respond to symptomatic treatment.

My most effective recommendation for treatment is a 24 hour fast. If you stop putting food into your pet for 24 hours it allows the intestines a chance to rest and regenerate. Because of possible dehydration you need to always have plenty of water available. After 24 hours then introduce a bland diet for the next 24 hours. You can use plain white cooked rice for dogs.

For cats- protein is essential so try cooked chicken breast with the rice.  The next day mix the bland diet 50/50 with their regular diet.  By the end of the third day they should be back to normal. 

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