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Dog Saturated Vs Unsaturated Fats, A Deadly Comparison

Published on January 9, 2008 by in BARF

I think most of us are basically unknowledgeable about the consumption of saturated or unsaturated fats. It is a fairly complicated science and most people run the other way when trying to understand the logic and science behind the information. I recently read some valuable information from a book called “Healthy Fats For Life” (authored by Lorna Vanderhaeghe and Karlene Karst).  The book clearly points out the differences between the good, the bad and the ugly fat types that we consume.  In the past 100 years the changes in the American diet has changed dramatically and these changes have happened to quick for evolution to keep up. We are nearly genetically identical to our hunter-gatherer ancestors, yet we live in overcrowded and polluted cities, have frequent contact with harsh chemicals and consume processed foods that are deficient in essential nutrients.

As a consequence and in comparison to our ancestors, we eat hundreds of times more trans fatty acids (harmful, man-made fat) and ten times more saturated fats. The conclusion – by changing the type and balance of fatty acids in our diets, we may actually prevent some of today’s modern diseases.

Many companies have made attempts to reduce the levels of transfats (the most deadly form of fatty acids) in their foods.  Understanding which fats are helpful and which are harmful can make a big difference in ones health.  Bad fats are associated with cancer, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. Good fats can reduce inflammation, burn unwanted fat, stabilize blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure. Understanding the difference between the good, bad and the ugly fats and including them or leaving them out of your meals is an importance measure of prevention.

Suffice it to say as a general statement – leave transfats completely out of your diet. Check all labels and reduce the consumption of this deadly form of fatty acids.  Your health depends on it.

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