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Dog’s Digestive Health

I would like to offer suggestions to improve the digestive health of animals and humans.  The choices we make in our eating habits for ourselves and our pets will have dramatic consequences over time.

The effective operation of the immune system is connected to the health of the gastrointestinal tract and evidence is accumulating about the role that certain probiotic bacteria can play in boosting natural immunity. A new trend is emerging that concentrates on the promotion of better nutrient utilization from the foods we eat and also the promotion of helpful bacteria in the GI Tract. The theory behind the philosophy is to promote more friendly bacteria that will increase the breakdown of the food into smaller particles that will be better utilized for dispersion into the bloodstream. This will in turn promote a stronger immune system that will create a much better defense mechanism against disease. Better utilization of the food is the key to improved health. Proper choices for the foods that are easiest to breakdown is also a key to better digestion. Exogenous sources (sourced within the food) of living enzymes will reduce the stress on the pancreas and other organs to produce digestive and metabolic enzymes. It just makes good sense to utilize the enzymes in the food rather than our internal supply of enzymes to aid in digestion.

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