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Our diets are reversed

I have been reading a very interesting book called “The China Study“- authored by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas M. Campbell . The book offers a very interesting scientific background study defending the merits of a vegetarian diet. They make statements that tie directly the influences of diet upon the outcome of disease and other medical conditions.  The interesting point that turned the light bulb on in my mind is the obvious difference in feeding habits between the dog/cat and humans. A human can adapt to eating either plant based or animal based food. 

The human digestive system can tolerate the ingestion of either foods- however, the incidence of disease associated with the ingestion of animal based foods has a dramatic affect on the health outcome of the individual.  Comparisons were made to the diets of different cultures and the results are startling to say the least. Suffice it to say that the recommendations for humans are to reverse their animal based meals to a plant based feeding regimen. This will lower cholesterol levels and reduce incidence of diabetes and heart disease. This is reversed thinking to what most Americans are taught and advised to do with all the commercials suggesting otherwise. It is not my intent here to try and promote plant-based vegetarian eating habits, my point is that we have to reverse our thinking between the feeding of Man and animal. We have advocated a different feeding approach for both species. Man has decided to cook and process food for their meals and the pet food market has advocated an approach to feeding carnivores a plant based food. This is exactly opposite for what is best for both species.  We should feed our pets a diet consisting of raw unprocessed animal protein and feed humans a plant based  unprocessed food.  This reversal will do the most in reversing the “out of control” health issues we have with both species. Anyone who reads “The China Study” will find out the truth and logic for reversing their dietary habits. Let’s include our pets in making the same determination of what is the best and most appropriate food for our pets.

I recommend the BARF diet for our dogs.

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