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Christmas On Overload

Published on January 1, 2008 by in BARF

I’m sure we can  all relate to the overload of food, drink and the high calorie and carbohydrate intake at the end of the year.  The parties, the delicious treats and the food that Gramma makes are all the factors that stretch the bottom  line.

Then comes New Years parties, left over food from Christmas, the insatiable appetite keeps growing, until the cookies are gone, and the parties stop. Then the realization of what we have done sets in- time to go on a diet. Time to knock off 15 to 20 pounds. Maybe more if I can stay with the diet and sign up for the gym. Maybe it’s time to start that exercise program that I have promised to start for the last 11 months.  Maybe it s time to wipe the dust off the treadmill and the exercise bike. At least that will be cheaper than signing up for the health club and then not using the facilities. Is there a chance that the exercise of wiping off the dust will be enough of a workout? It’s cold outside now- so a walk would be to dangerous. You don’t expect to continue this routine for more than 10 days do you? Back to my desk, forget the exercising, accept the fact that you have now gained an additional 15 pounds. Let your clothes out to fit the form.

Does all this sound “normal?” Unfortunately it is more normal than you would ever believe. All you have to do is look around you- no matter where you live and you will see the same pattern forming wherever you look.  You guessed it- it’s back to making choices. They are either good healthy choices or they are the more comfortable and more satisfying unhealthy choices. What choice will you be making for 2008?  What choices will you be making for your dog?- remember- they have no choice but to eat what they are provided. It is far easier for them to adapt to a new schedule of proper eating than it is for us. Make a plan to feed your dog the food it is designed to eat. Feed biologically appropriate raw food “BARF” DIET.

posted by Rob Mueller

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