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Dog Cancer

Published on December 17, 2007 by in BARF

Cancer Formation 

Many factors pertain to the development of cancer in animals.  Of course the genetic susceptibility is a prime factor but after that there is a range of chemical and physical agents that are known to influence the health and structure of DNA, leading to the development of cancer.

There is scientific proof available to show that periodontal disease can have a profound action on cells. Free radicals are potent destroyers of bacteria and have deleterious effects on contact cells.

Cancer affects millions of animals. One philosophy concerns a failure of the immune system to mount an adequate surveillance for damaged cells. If a depressed immune system is laboring to deal with periodontal disease, and a host of other chronic diseases, then perhaps one should not be surprised if it fails to recognize mutant cancer cells.  My observation, from dealing with many cases each week, is that cancer in general is increasing in numbers. Could it be the exposure to the artificial chemicals and toxins present in the daily diets of the animal. Again, just another reason to try and eliminate the majority of toxins and harmful chemicals in artificial food (grain based diets).

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