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Pet Food Safety, Made In China

Published on December 13, 2007 by in BARF

Chinese produced goods pact

A recent article published in the Chicago Tribune  outlined a new policy of government intervention designed to improve the regulation of foreign imports from China. After reading the article I have several comments regarding the effectiveness of such regulation. First of all it states that the Chinese government will be the ones conducting the inspections. That’s like the fox guarding the hen house.

Another concern I have, that is similar to the inspections being conducted here in the USA, is that the USDA and FDA  inspectors are short staffed and don’t have enough money in their budgets to be able to police the policies and standards that are in affect currently. This opens up new areas that need the money and manpower to effectively police and regulate.

In addition, they are starting out to only regulate certain aspects of the imported goods. This is not a comprehensive attempt to isolate all potentially defective imports. I think what has happened is that the government has been forced to establish a band aid fix because of public outrage and this is their attempt to initiate a new policy. It doesn’t look to me that they have established enough of a rapport with  the Chinese ggovernment to make a significant difference or at least one that will make the American buying public comfortable with the purchase of Chinese goods. If they allowed the USA inspectors to inspect the facilities and govern the control of their products it would make me far more comfortable in buying their products. It seems that every day we hear of a new targeted industry that is affected by the inferior standards that are coming from China. It is time to establish a comprehensive policy of inspection in order to set a standardized level of quality for consumers in this country. If the doors were restricted on the flow of goods from China until the Chinese allowed adequate inspection policies then we would see an improvement in the quality of goods. This is the same routine that must be followed with the Nuclear inspections that need the verification by our own inspectors.   

The question remains, is money available to support such a program of inspection?  I guess we could compare these costs to the cost of not having the inspections done and seeing the result of the toy and pet food recalls.    

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