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Dogs And Cats, Meat Eaters Or Grain Eaters?

Carnivore or Omnivore?

I think the pet food industry is giving it their best shot but obviously failing to provide an adequate food for domesticated pets. Our nation’s dog and cats are being fed scientifically formulated foods and receiving expensive allergy shots. One can observe the results in veterinary clinics and grooming salons all over the world. 

Could it be that today’s pet food industry, and perhaps some of today’s health care practitioners are lacking education in the proper feeding of a carnivore?  Yes, I said carnivore!  Do not be misled by the industry’s attempt to re-define the image of a carnivore into an omnivore. This misconception helps accommodate their motive for pushing inexpensive, easily manufactured and transported foodstuffs (cooked dried grains and veggies) down the digestive tracts of animals not properly equipped to handle plant matter.

Captive carnivores still have teeth identical to their non-captive relatives in the wild and no evidence of growing multiple stomachs or longer digestive tracts necessary to break down plant proteins. If our captive carnivores suddenly became non-captive and were able to choose between grains or raw meat, is there any question their preference would be any different than their free ranging wild relatives?

Thousands of dogs and cats have recovered from seemingly incurable conditions when fed an unprocessed fresh meat diet similar to that established long ago by MOTHER NATURE.  If you have dogs or cats in your care that are not responding to conventional treatment of any condition, try to offer them the MOTHER NATURE cure, a raw meat diet that contains all the nutrients of natures abundance.

posted by Rob Mueller

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