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What Dogs Learn From Eggs

This morning as I was having breakfast I was watching my egg as I was frying it. It shows the process of denaturation as the egg is heated a gel is formed forming enzyme resistant linkages that inhibit the separation of constituent amino acids. You can watch the process as the clear protein gel surrounding the yolk whitens, thickens, and coagulates into a glue-like consistency. Digestive enzymes cannot readily breakdown coagulated protein molecules once they fuse together. These heated proteins are rendered unavailable to your body and worse yet the coagulated protein molecules tend to putrefy as bacteria in the body feed upon this dead organic matter. Bacterial enzymatic by-products are carcinogenic. Coagulation occurs on a microscopic level in all cooked protein molecules whether witnessed or not. This information will make you think twice about that egg the next time you have one for breakfast.  The lesson, cooked proteins become a source of toxicity. When wholesome protein foods are eaten raw, the body makes maximum use of all amino acids without the accompanying toxins of cooked foods.

Fortunately for our pet carnivorous dog, the digestive capabilities are much better to digest this type of live food.  A dog has a simple small stomach with highly active acidic digestive juices and a very short digestion time. This eliminates a lot of the toxins that tend to develop from improper digestion or trying to digest lesser quality proteins.

Bottom line, converting our eating habits  as much as possible to eating higher quality foods that have not been heat processed is good advice. The same lessen is for humans as well as for dogs.

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