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Dog Digestion Raw Equals Shorter Digestion

Why Shorten The Digestion Time?
One wouldn’t think that shortening the time of digestion would have such an important affect on the result of nutrient utilization, but it does. Gas is the ultimate result of improper digestion. We receive numerous calls from customers that complain about their dogs passing of noxious gas. This is the result of improper digestion of inferior ingredients that are hard to break down and pass through the body quickly. They tend to get hung up in the digestive track longer which allows for more toxins to be released. Grain based diets that take 12 to 15 hours to assimilate compared to the shorter 8 hour time frame for meat based raw diets is a significant advantage to eliminate the gas build up. The incidence of bloat is seldom a problem with raw diet dogs and becomes a real important consideration in feeding the larger breed dogs like great danes. The volume of food necessary to properly provide the right amount of nutrition to these larger breeds leads to toxin development, bloat and GI problems.

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