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Producing A Quality Show Dogs

Show dogs may be purchased for their pedigree, but they win points for their confirmation, condition and hair coat. The most important factor in the development of all three of these is not a dog’s genetic background, but its feeding program.

A dog’s confirmation is influenced by its heredity. A dog will follow the template nature has cut out for it, as long as adequate nutrients and energy are available for it to do so. Not even double dominance can overpower the results of a dietary deficiency!  (“Donald R. Collins, DVM”). 

Current AAFCO  regulations do not require that companies determine the digestibility of their foods.(See pages 152, 159-161AAFCO manual. ) However, the digestibility of a pet food must always be considered. Digestibility provides a measure of the diet’s quality because it directly determines the proportion of nutrients in the food that is available for absorption into the body. Information about the nutrient content of the diet means little if the product’s digestibility is not known. ( Case, Carey,Hirakawa).

The numbers of dogs and cat patients veterinarians treat that are suffering from nutrition-related disorders, is way out of proportion to what might be expected. In practice, the most common identifying signs of poor nutrition status is dry, flaky skin and sparse, coarse, brittle hair coat.

Producing a quality show dog is a challenge and one that can be best accomplished by providing proper nutrition. Of course we believe that the proper nutrition is accomplished by feeding a raw meat diet. ( The BARF DIET).

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