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Dogs Committed To Nutritional Excellence

 For thousands of today’s companion dog and cat owners, “Committed To NutritionalExcellence” has become a BARF World priority. It has become an unbelievable reality that we are faced with seemingly impossible odds of correcting overwhelming pet health problems.  Many owners are considering euthanasia to end their companion’s suffering. Why does the meat solution seem so easy when other methods of treatment have failed? All too many health problems facing today’s pet owners are caused by food deficiencies.

As the pet food industry struggles to keep pace with increasing pet populations, the quality of the average foodstuffs being offered seems to be decreasing proportionately! Perhaps it’s time to consider some natural facts about the proper feeding of today’ s companion dogs and cats.
NATURAL FACT NUMBER ONE: Your dog or cat is a carnivore. a meat eater !  Now, if your dog or cat is reasonably healthy on a non-meat diet (some have an amazing ability to survive on almost anything), you can consider yourself lucky and needn’t read on. However. for those of you not so lucky- read on.
NATURAL FACT NUMBER TWO: Carnivores need to be fed like carnivores to maintain good health! Observe their closest free ranging relatives in the wild. i.e. foxes. coyotes. wolves. bobcats. lynx, etc. Have you ever seen one that was obese! Ask any wildlife biologist or hunter if they have ever seen tartar on their teeth or witnessed bad breath or body odor, The answer will be NO. Ask how many they’ve seen with hair loss. dandruff or hot spots on their skin. The answer will be NONE. And why do these wild animals manifest none of these symptoms so revalent in many of our closest companions?  Because, Mother Nature hasn’t tried to turn them into “corn dogs”.
NATURAL FACT NUMBER THREE: The correct diet to best maintain a healthy carnivore – a fresh meat based diet – has been the means by which nature has maintained healthy canines and felines for thousands of years,     Unfortunately, for many of our closest companions, the pet food industry is trying to rewrite nature’s rules and causing many of today’s pet health problems. And why’? Dry foods, canned and semi-moist foods cater to your convenience more than to your pet’s nutritional needs.
NATURAL FACT NUMBER FOUR: The most natural way to preserve nature’s designated food for carnivores- fresh meat- is by freezing. This method,  maintains product integrity.
NATURAL FACT NUMBER FIVE:  A dog’s or cat’s ability to assimilate nutrition from their food is based on two key factors- digestibility and biological values of the digested ingredients. There are many ingredients contained in some pet foods today that no doubt contain all the major nutrients needed by dogs and cats – if they could digest them! On the other hand, some available ingredients are nearly completely digestible but have such a low biological value to be of any value in furnishing essential nutrients. What better gauge of values could anyone use in selecting ingredients for meat eaters than observing how Mother Nature has kept her companions healthy for ages.  Studies done on the BARF World diets show their digestibility to be 87-92% which is similar to that in the wild. One would be hard pressed to find a more natural diet available to assist in your preventative health care program. 

That brings us to our last point. 

NATURAL FACT NUMBER SIX: “Committed To Nutritional Excellence” is definitely not just a slogan, but has been a dedicated way of life for the folks at BARF World. Rediscover “the magic of a raw meat diet” in your feeding program and watch those aggravating and seemingly incurable conditions, that perhaps had you considering euthanasia, disappear naturally.

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  2. Hi!Its nice to go through your site which really had a great information on the natural diet to be given for our pets.natural diet for dogs is invariably comprised of meat and bones.

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