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Raw Dog Food Vs. Cooked Dog Food

Since feeding raw is a philosophy that we believe in so adamantly,  I decided to explain why cooking of food is so detrimental in comparison. Cooking alters the physical and chemical nature of the food. The raw fed diet will provide the correct quantity and balance of proteins, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals- the cooked version does not. Damaged or altered biochemical’s are not as bio- available therefore. Cooked foods become significantly altered at the biochemical level even to the extent of becoming toxic. Cooking has an even more significant effect on delicate vitamins and micronutrients. It can also have an effect on minerals as well. The enzymes are destroyed at 118 degrees F. When raw cells are crushed and released, the enzymes are released into the tissues and rapid chemical digestion takes place. The major effect of this major advantage is that the Pancreas is relieved of major stress in having to produce the needed digestive enzymes to digest the food. Cooking puts an end to the auto-digestion of the food.  Suffice it to say- there is much more evidence to support the reasons to feed raw than to feed a cooked variety.

posted by Rob Mueller

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  1. I need to find a frozen raw food w/chicken or turkey. It cannot have any vegtables in it other than broccoli and celery. It can have eggs. My golden is allergic to many, many things (food and airborne). He has been on allergy shots for over two years.
    Kay Cassidy
    Devon-Ayre Goldens
    Blueridge Mts. in PA

  2. Nancy

    My question is if eating BARF relieves the pancreas of stress then why did a Yorkie I knew develop diabetes and pancreatitis when switched to raw infused? Would he have died anyway due to years of junk food or the tendency of this breed to develop these diseases?

    • Monica Samson

      Hello Nancy,

      The health of the pet depends on how long they were being fed a cooked commercial diet and the genes of that pet can affect the long-term health as well.

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