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Probiotics For Dogs

It is a growing concern regarding the importance of adding probiotics to the intestinal track of young and adult animals. Our changing world has created a set of problems that have escalated in the last few decades. The fact that animals and humans are living longer due to increased medical advances, has accentuated the problem.  Modern medicine provides antibiotic treatments and steroid therapy that continues to disrupt the G.I. track. It is responsible for a diminished amount of microflora and helpful bacteria. The nutrient requirements are diminished when the microflora and helpful bacteria are reduced in numbers caused by large doses of antibiotics and harmful steroids. Newer formulations that now contain added amounts of probiotics are helping to reduce the G.I. disturbances. Research is being done in human pediatrics to monitor the results of added probiotics. The goal is to increase digestive utilization. This is the key to improved health.

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  1. Chris Harvey of BARF World ask:

    So what are some of the improvements in health I might see in my dog if I increase the amount of probiotics he is fed?

  2. Good question- I guess to understand the answer one would have to understand the importance of probiotics. The intent is to increase the efficiency of nutrient utilization. Once the nutrients are absorbed in the gut better then the cell repair, and toxin elimination is improved. This all leads to an improved immune system that becomes the defense system in the body.
    More probiotics help the digestion process that helps the body defense system. Thgis is as quick as I can describe the process. It is a rather complicated process for how it all works but this summarizes the benefits.

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