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Coprophagy – Why Do Dogs Eat Feces?

This morning I received a call from a customer that was concerned about her dog eating his back-yard eliminating deposit. (Poo). This is a common complaint about a very common and natural event. Coprophagy- the eating of feces- is not due to a disease of the bowel or even a bad habit. It is admittedly a discussion that most people view as a disgusting habit or a nutritional need. It is not uncommon for a carnivore to eat the feces of an animal as they consume the whole carcass. Even nursing dogs keep the nest clean by avidly licking the feces of their young at the moment it is passed. Dogs even obtain benefit from domestic cat poo,. Poo that is obtained from cats and dogs that have been fed grain – based artificial food- is rich in enzymes and teeming with micro-organisms. The more microbial enzymes consumed – the more it contributes to its digestive efficiency. In fact, this may be the only source of micronutrients for an artificially fed pet. Upon observation, you will notice that a dog finds very little value in feces from naturally fed carnivores. It is without nutrient value because it has been completely utilized and all that remains is ash and fiber predominetly as powdered bone. The solution to coprophagia would be simple-feed a raw meat diet or whole carcass meal.

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