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Dogs Resistance To Sodium Pentobarital Euthanization

Published on November 5, 2007 by in BARF

What an interesting observation- that dogs are acquiring a resistance to Sodium Pentobarbital! Sodium Pentobarbital is the normal drug of choice that Veterinarians use to euthanize dogs and cats that are brought into their clinics. In the 1990’s veterinarians began reporting to the FDA/CVM that the drug was losing its effectiveness. What is the most likely reason- questioned the CVM? After exploring the situation they determined that animals were becoming immune to the drug because they had been eating food with trace amounts of Sodium Pentobarbital for years. The likely source of the drug was in their food -Euthanized animals. 

In 1998 the CVM tested dry foods containing ingredients with bone meal, animal digest, animal fat and beef and
bone meal. Of 37 foods tested they found significant levels of the drug in each food tested.  

Here is some food for thought. If kibble, after being exposed to high heat can still offer this much affect on the 
effectiveness of a particular drug then what affect would the other chemicals ( preservatives)  in the dry food have
on the health and well being of the animal? We know that heating the extrusions at high temperatures will alter the 
chemical make-up of the proteins and their corresponding vital amino acids. What affect will these altered chemical changes have on the long term use of these foods? I think we are seeing the affects of the heat processing and added chemicals in the food everyday at the nations vet clinics. The results don’t happen over night- could it be that they are the result of years of feeding the same chemically laden foods?

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