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Raw Meat Detoxification

A really important and essential part of the body’s metabolism is detoxification. The liver plays a key role in this process. Toxic chemicals, both of internal and external origin are constantly bombarding the liver. Nutritional deficiencies  and imbalances (from processed foods)  add to the production of toxins. A continuous ingestion of toxic chemicals and many drugs increase the stress on the liver requiring a strong detoxification capacity. There exists today in excess of 60,000 toxic chemicals in the environment today. They are found in the food and water our pets eat and drink and in the air they breathe both indoors and outside.

What happens when the livers detoxification system gets overloaded? The answer is simple. When the liver cannot do its job, the toxins accumulate and create sickness in various ways. They damage the immune system, and cause many chronic diseases. Metabolic enzymes in the body are the keys to efficient detoxification. Having an effective detoxification system is imperative for the well-being of our pets. Cancer, autoimmune disorders, neurological disorders, and the impairment of the immune system seen with aging, can be linked to a poorly functioning liver detoxification system.

Many veterinarians are finding that an effective tool for easing the stress on the liver is converting the animal to a fresh raw meat diet. It is an effective way to reduce the ingestion of toxic chemicals and give the body a chance to build up the immune system to help fend off unwanted diseases.

It is interesting to note that when making the conversion to a raw meat diet you may notice an increased presence of skin conditions such as itching, rash, and scaling. This is a normal process of eliminating the toxins from the body. It shows up as skin conditions because the fastest route of elimination from the body is through the skin – not the feces or urine. We always caution customers that a possible detoxification is possible and to not be alarmed if a temporary worsening of the skin condition happens. It is temporary and will be signs that the toxins are being transmitted from the body. Hang in there – we tell everyone- it is going to get better and it does!.

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