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To Supplement Or Not To Supplement My Dog

Published on October 8, 2007 by in BARF, enzymes

This is a question I get every week and it deserves an answer. Most customers that convert their dogs and cats to a more appropriate raw food diet find that the problems they were having are reduced significantly. Proper nutrition allows the body to heal from within and becomes God’s most regenerating mechanism. The customers that ask this question have dogs and cats that are suffering from disease or some degenerating condition and they are searching for a way to reduce the symptoms or reverse the condition. Once convinced that the “BARF ” philosophy is the road to better health they often question whether additional supplementation is necessary.

In the majority of cases, I recommend that additional supplementation is not needed. Our patties contain all the nutrients necessary for complete nutrient absorption. The only time I recommend additional supplements are during initial periods when the condition seems the worst or when there is a specific need for an additional supplement.

Kibble diets lack the live enzymes that are needed for digestion and proper metabolism. The heat processing destroys these important cell regenerators and thus an enzyme supplement program is most needed. The majority of dogs and cats in this country are fed a very poor grain based kibble food. These are the ones that definitely need help and further supplementation to build the natural immunity that will best defend against disease and a shortened life span.


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