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Dog Food Recommendations (Need To Train The Trainer)

I’m missing something in my analysis of the recommendations of how to properly feed a dog or cat.  The petfood industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.  Extensive marketing campaigns have been launched and very expensive advertising has been done in magazines, on TV  and in sponsoring many of the top dog show events.

What I am missing is this:  How can any of these major dry dog food producers have the ability to produce very expensive advertising campaigns, display their products with state of the art packaging, use the finest cuts of beef and wholesome grains and combine them into a fresh, wholesome meal that can be claimed to supply a lifetime advantage of health and do this for $20.00 for a 50 pound  bag? Obviously it is impossible. The consumers vision of what is in commercial pet food has been shattered recently. The wake up call has prompted the consumer to take notice and be more cognizant of the ingredients and the labels on their pet’s food.  A new generation of higher quality pet food has been born. Raw BARF diets are an age old evolutionary concept that I feel will generate health advantages over the kibble fed alternative.

I have a problem with the advice given by the majority of Veterinarians that have been educated by Hills Science diet and Iams in the various vet schools.  Hills and Iams sponsor most of the nutrition courses and seminars in many Vet schools.  They learn what prescrption food can be suggested for a specific disease.   Let’s hope that in the future the new students are given a variety of nutritional advice that is generated from unbiased sources.  It is my hope that educated consumers and nutritionally educated veterinarians will change the way many pets are to be fed in the future.  My hope is that at least the vet community would have an open mind policy for investigating the possible advantages of what the dog or cat was originally designed to eat.  The results are in to be able to make a comparison of the declining health conditions of our pets having been fed a processed (dead food) for the last 80 years.  Our company’s goal is to train the trainer and be a part of repairing the general health and well being of the nations pets.  Education backed by results is the key to better health!

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  1. Yes, I have a problem with vets recommending certain brands of food when they are getting paid by those companies to do so. They can’t help but be swayed.

  2. michelle blanchard

    i have 2 dogs one 4 yrs old one 2 yrs old. i was feeding them the recommended dose of hills science diet adult formula for almost a yr. during this year my 4 yr old wouldnt eat the food so i had to feed him a different brand my 2 year old ate the hills diet daily and many health problems excelled like seizures and many as time went on digestive problems constant vomitting and loose frequent stools. i took him to vets which promotes the hills diet food and told me he had sensitive stomach along with not to worry about the siezures as many dogs get this and it isnt a reason to worry. i decided to take him off the hills diet and started him on benefull by purina and his siezures went away completely, normal less stool, and he keeps his food and water down now. hmmm it makes me wonder if hills is all that they claim to be because i dont have no problems with the 25 dollar purina dog food vs the 80 dollar science diet. buyers beware hills is not what they claim to be it would have killed my dog i believe if i didnt discontinue the use of their food.

    • Yes, I have a perlbom with vets recommending certain brands of food when they are getting paid by those companies to do so. They can’t help but be swayed.

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