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Deer Ticks on Dogs

Published on July 31, 2007 by in BARF, Ticks

Last week I received a call from a lady that was extremely concerned about her dog. She was a new customer that was recently converted onto the raw feeding philosophy BARF. Her dog overnight had developed a condition of arthritic pain so severe that it couldn’t even walk. The dog moaned and limped around and just lay in one position to prevent being in severe pain. The dog was lethargic and couldn’t even raise it’s head.  She immediately took him to the vet where they suggested right away putting the dog on cortisone (steroids). The lady had prior experience with steroid therapy and was resistant to starting him on the drug. I received the call from her because she was concerned with the vet’s medical treatment and was looking for a 2nd opinion.  After asking her a series of questions I found out that the dog had been exposed to a lot of hiking and was in the woods during the last week. I live in Wisconsin where we are exposed to an epidemic from tiny deer ticks. The symptoms that she was describing made me suspect that her dog had been bitten by a deer tick. The vets in our area have been removing 3 or 4 ticks a day from exposed animals. The tick bite becomes infected and if left untreated will cause a severe arthritic type condition that is very painful.    I made the suggestion that she have the dog examined for a tick bite and have a blood test to verify the condition. I hit the nail on the head and it involved a treatment of Doxicycline (antibiotic) to remedy the problem. In short order the dog rebounded and was back to normal. I guess the vets in her area were not as exposed to this tiny biting creature as the vets in our area so I was happy to be able to diagnose the condition and render advice on how to cure it. These are the stories that keep us going in our quest to improve the health and vitality of our nation’s pets. If you ever have a similar group of symptoms- CHECK FOR TICKS. 

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